Top 10 Online News Website Portal in Nepal 2021

Do you use any of the Nepali News Online Website/Portal of Nepal? Or Wanna know about them? Then, this whole matter is for you Nepalese smart people who are fond of reading and learning new things from the news on the internet. Of course, We love to hear the news from our favorite newspaper, television, or FM radio.

They bring us the latest information and updates from all around the globe. Isn’t it interesting? I mean, Why to wait until the next morning to know what happened today?

This is where many news agencies made a smart decision and started publishing their newspapers online to get on the run. In this age of information, the newspaper is the most powerful tool, a part and a parcel of modern life for expressing views and ideas by the people and for the people.

The newspaper is almost the thing that wakes up along with your very first cup of tea in the morning. So much is happening every moment unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to them or move with the times smoothly and easily.

Imagining a day without news and updates is very difficult. By natural instinct, we humans are eager to grasp what’s happening around us. Nobody wants to live in ignorance. At such a point the online newspaper or news portal/website comes in handy.

The weather forecast, political events, social events, sensational events, sports events, movies, etc. are all found online, nowadays. Even the advertisements have their value.

With the advancement in the technology, online news website portal in Nepal is growing gradually that are giving satisfactory online news services. Let me ask you a question. What are the most popular News Websites/Portal of Nepal on the Web?

How do you find out what these popular websites are? Where do you go to see what everyone else is visiting? What is your favorite online news portal or website of Nepal?

Here is the answer to these questions. What is the best answer to these questions, feel free to leave feedback or comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our website’s email newsletter for more interesting stuff related to our country Nepal as well. Our team heartily welcomes your feedback.

Get the list of top 10 online news website portal in Nepal that is giving online news service.

10 Top Online News Website Portal in Nepal

Times have changed in this technological world. People hardly watch the news on tv these days. Everything is done through the internet so is the news. Here are some of the best e-news websites in Nepal.

1. For Nepal breaking news

Online Nepali News Portal. Nagariknews is one of the best news sites in Nepal.

Nagarik News, a news portal that delivers the facts on politics, economy, society, sports, and more. We are able to log in and subscribe to the portal. On the top left corner of the site, we have navigation of


i) Nagarik, this is the homepage of the site

ii) Republica, one of the network of Nagariknews, a Myrepublica portal

iii) Shukrabar, the other online news site and

iv) E-paper,  reading the internet version of the newspaper.

2. Online Khabar For Nepal news headlines

Welcome to Nepal’s no. 1 News Portal, Online Khabar. Get updates anywhere on the topic of Politics, Lifestyles of people, Interviews, Business, Information Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, and more in Nepali and English language.


The English edition of the site is now in beta version. Current and Trending News can be read here. The advertisement is available on the website. We can stay connected to this portal on our favorite social networks like

i) twitter,

ii) Facebook and

iii) youtube.

3. Ekantipur For Nepal News Headline

Includes news, views, and articles from the largest selling English daily in Nepal.


Pick up a whole package of news and articles of an entire network of Kantipur media group, Kantipur Newspaper, The Kathmandu Post Newspaper, Saptahik | A weekly Newspaper, Nepal Magazine, Nari Magazine, Radio Kantipur and Kantipur Television at once in the Ekantipur News Portal.

The site got almost all sorts of news available in English and Nepali languages. Login to the site and you’ll be automatically synchronized with all the devices along with a reading list facility.

4. Seto Pati

Nepali language news from a vernacular daily in Nepali script.


5. Ratopati For Nepal breaking news and headlines

Nepali language news from a vernacular daily in Nepali script. Need instant news and analysis of current scoop, Ratopati is right news site online you can probe into.


Download the app of the portal, enjoy the news updates on smartphones. Available in Nepali and English language, the site can be linked with

  • i) Facebook as well as
  • ii) twitter.

6. Gorkhapatra For Nepal breaking news and headlines

Nepali language news from a vernacular daily in Nepali script.

“Old is Gold.” That’s right. The oldest newspaper of Nepal is now on the world wide web. Discover world events, business, economy, politics, and more online. Rising Nepal is also offered in the portal.


The publisher of the popular magazine Madhuparka, Muna, and Yuvamanchh also release the tender notice from time to time(navigate navigation top right corner). There is a whole bunch of e-papers available in the site.

7.  Annapurna Post For Nepal breaking news and headlines

Feed your hunger of all sorts of news with one of the best news portal of Nepal, the Annapurna Post. Download the app on your smartphone or just explore around the site of this portal for reading the current happenings.

annapurna post
Annapurna post
The site has an e-paper included in it. For updates follow them on
  • i) Twitter,
  • ii) Facebook or
  • iii) Google+

8. News24 For Nepal breaking news

The online news portal that comes with a live tv facility is New24. Like the official Facebook page and stay updated with all the political news, lifestyle, latest fashion, and trends and more with News24.


Either you have a small business or a big one, contact them for the advertisement. News24 offers news in both English and Nepali languages.

9. For breaking news and headlines in the Nepali language

Many of us are already familiar with ‘NMB News.  It is one of the popular English magazines of Nepal and is the online site of the magazine. So by now, we know that this site provides articles about all the news from inside and outside of the country.

NMB News

The site has preferred the Nepali language to describe all the news. Here on this site, we can find the news articles categorized accordingly. You can find the options menu just below the title on the top left corner where you can find varieties of options from where you can choose to enter into sports, politics, economy, and many other news-related topics.

Frequently updated news portal containing news and opinion on political affairs, social affairs…More

19. ImageKhabar For Nepal breaking news and headlines

Experience LiveTV, photo gallery, a blog, and an FM radio all under the same news portal on the internet in ImageKhabar. Enjoy the videos and photos in the portal. The site supports its two FM radios, radio Image FM and Image News FM.


You can share your personal views, big events, or more alike in the IK Community Blogs Garage Share. Not only that they are available on Facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, Feedburner, and Google+ as well.

No doubt, all these online news portal/websites of Nepal seeks not only to inform but to interest, to stimulate, and to excite people. It is a common platform for common people to exchange diverse views regarding diverse affairs. Different people expect different things from the newspaper.

A businessman wants to know the market trends, a farmer is eager to know the weather report; a book reader wants to know about the latest arrivals. Reading a newspaper makes a person fit to participate usefully in a cultivated society.

You can encourage your kids and children about this and motivate them to make a good habit of reading and learning from these portals. A weekly wrap-up of political and business news.

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