Paras KC Launches Online magazine, NMB News

Kathmandu: Paras KC, one of the influential media personalities in Nepal along with his team has started NMB News in Nepal.

NMB News is an online magazine where Paras KC has the role of Chairman and Managing Director. In a program at Kathmandu, the NMB News in Nepal is announced.

In the inauguration, KC said that he has brought this magazine to Nepal with an intent to prioritize and bring out the voice of Nepali citizens while entertaining them alongside.

So, what is the magazine itself going online?


NMB News is a Nepali-language online magazine owned by Nepal Multiple Broadcasting News Pvt Ltd. It aims to connect the latest online technology with premium content and deliver them to Nepali people.

It provides daily and interesting content to every section of readers to meet every other important need of life including education, health, employment, religion-spirituality, science-technology, politics literature, business, and sports.

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