NIC Asia Bank will provide refunds of up to Rs 500 while conducting mobile banking business

NIC Asia Bank Limited has opened a bank account with the first mobile banking business to open a refund of up to Rs 500.

Customers can easily open a free online account within 10 minutes by visiting the official website of NIC Asia Bank. Depending on the account number you have received after opening the account, the customer will be able to carry out various transactions including bank transfer and inter bank money transfer.

The bank has provided up to Rs 21 lakh insurance facility in the account opened online, which will benefit the customer Rs 14000 annually. On the basis of online account, you can also check your account balance by conducting mobile banking from home. Any customer who activates Mobile Banking through Mobile Banking will be able to get a refund of up to Rs. 500.

In addition, mobile banking and debit or credit card payments are available up to 30% off in over 2500 shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels across the country. In addition, customers will be able to get a refund of up to Rs. 4000 per month on payment through mobile banks and cards.

Considering the convenience of its customers in this difficult time created due to the global pandemic corona virus, this bank has made payments through mobile banking and Internet banking including electronic banking, inter-bank money transfer, electricity tariff, drinking water tariff, internet service, insurance and telephone charges. It’s free.

In addition to these services, the bank has also facilitated the opening of an online account at home by customers. Customers can also pay for free through the service while shopping for goods and services.

In addition, card swipes and e-commerce payments, which can be made using bank debit and credit cards, are also available free of charge. No bank and financial institutions across the country will be charged free of charge by card holders using NIC Asia Bank’s ATM and no charge will be made by the card carrier of this bank while using ATM of any other bank and financial institutions.

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